7th Round Of E-Transfer 2020 Schedule Announced By SED Punjab

7th Round Of E-Transfer 2020: DIRECTORATE OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION (SE) has issued a notification on 3rd November 2020 regarding “Opening 7th Round Of E-Transfer For Compassionate Grounds (Divorce, Widow, Disable, Wedlock, Mutual And Adjustment Of Promoted/On Disposal Teachers etc” and informed to all Cheif Executive Officers(DEAs) Punjab that 7 Round of e-Transfer for compassionate grounds and extreme hardship (divorce, widow. wedlock disable, mutual and adjustment of promoted on disposal teachers etc) is going to be launched. The timelines which are to be observed during 7 Round of e-Transfer are as under.

(1)Submission of applications by teachers

Starting Date:06.11.2020 (Friday)

End Date:11.11.2020 (Wednesday)


(2)Preparation of 1st Merit list

Starting Date:12.11.2020 (Thursday)

End Date: 13.11.2020 (Friday)


(3)Verification by CEOs

Starting Date: 14.11.2020 (Saturday)

End Date:18.11.2020 (Wednesday)


(4)Preparation of 2nd Merit list

Starting Date: 19.11.2020 (Thursday)

End Date:20.11.2020 (Friday) 


(5)Verification by CEOs

Starting Date:21.11.2020 (Saturday)

End Date:24.11.2020 (Tuesday)


(6)Preparation of transfer orders

Starting Date:25.11.2020 (Wednesday)

End Date:26.11.2020 (Thursday)


(7)Availability of transfer orders

27.11.2020 (Friday)


(8)Relieving / Joining of teachers

Starting Date:28.11.2020 (Saturday)

End Date:05.12.2020 (Saturday)

Download Transfer Rules 2020 

Notification 7th Round Of E-Transfer


7th Round Of E-Transfer



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