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Clarification Regarding Preparation Of PERs Files Of Teachers

Directorate Of Public Instruction (S.E)Punjab has issued a notification dated January 25, 2021 in connection with “Clarification Regarding Preparation Of PERs Files Of Teachers, Officers And Officials” and issued the following directions to all Chief Executive Officers( CEOs) Punjab.

In continuation of this Directorate earlier letter No. 506/Admn-4-4 dated 21.01.2021, the following clarifications are hereby made for compliance in letter and spirit

  1. Maintaining of PERs files is the solely responsibility of custodian authority which has already been mentioned in above-cited letter.
  2. PERs of present post occupied by Teachers/Officers/Officials lying in promotion zone should be completed accordingly by the custodian authority
  3. Teachers/Officers/Officials, whose PERs are missing and falling in promotion zone, will submit their PERs to concerned custodian authority after filling its face sheet (Part-I) for further initiation of PERs from initiating officer
  4. The teachers/officers/officials, who are going to be retired and no promotion is supposed to be due before retirement are exempted.


All custodian authorities of PERs Cells are directed to complete / maintain these PERS files as per given format as soon as possible before 15.03.2021. In case of any failure concerned authority will be responsible


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