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All PSTs Download QAED PUNJAB FOR TRAINING Application

67,986 Primary School Teachers (PSTs) will get training on teaching Nazra Quran with effect from 25th August 2022 to onwards. Those PSTs who have already got training in Dec/Jan 2021-22 will get training again . The training will be conducted two groups i.e morning and evening. The training will be physically not online. To read complete detail click.

QAED Punjab has introduced Training Management System(TMS) with the help of PITB to facilitate honorable teachers. The trainees and master trainers must install QAED PUNJAB FOR TRAINING application from the google play store. For this purpose, all PSTs/MT must have Android mobiles connected internet.  Attendance, pre-test, post-test and certificate, all activities will be done on this app. So it is requested to all PSTs/MTs to install this App before getting the 3 days Nazra Quran Training w.e.f 25th August 2022.

Instructions & How To Install QAED PUNJAB FOR TRAINING Application

(1)Install the “QAED Punjab for Trainings” app from the Google Play Store two days from the start of the training.

(2)Log in QAED app by using SIS credentials (Username & Password). Write username (CNIC) without dashes.

(3)If you face any difficulty in logging in to the QAED app, try logging in by using your credentials on the SIS app.

(4)If you forget the password of SIS. Reset the account password via SIS App. Note: You can login QAED App after 24 hours in case of resetting SiS password

(5)In case of an unsuccessful login, share your details with the MT/ Facilitator.

(6)For training bring your android device for pre and post-test and certificate.



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