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Consolidated Seniority List Of SSTs (BPS-16) (male/female)

Corrected Up to 31-12-2000" 

Directorate Of Public Instructions (SE) Punjab Lahore has issued a letter(SO(PROMOTION-II)SED1-4/2022 dated 21-12-2022) to all the District Education Officers (SE)  regarding the”Consolidated Seniority List Of SSTs (BPS-16) (male/female) Corrected Upto 31-12-2000″ 

After adhering to all legal and procedural requirements set forth by rules, laws, and policies, the Government has instructed to notify the consolidated seniority lists of SSTs (BS-16) teachers (M&F), invite objections, and settle seniority disputes.

All DEOs (SE) are requested to thoroughly review the names and information of SSTs (Male and Female) who work in their District and to notify this Directorate of any objections within seven days positively, along with any necessary documents so that the list can be finalized for the creation of promotion cases.

The relevant pages of DEO’s districts in the lists must be signed and stamped by the District Authority in a book let form and returned to this Directorate up to 12-01-2023. After this date, the lists will be considered final. In case of non-compliance, names of the defaulter districts will be sent to Secretary School Education Department for Departmental proceedings,

Note:- If the name of any SST (Male & Female) is not included in these lists or need to be excluded, the same may be intimated with documentary evidence and a certificate to this effect must be provided that No SST (Male & Female) upto 31-12-2000 has been left.

This may be assigned top priority; any negligence in this regard cannot be tolerated. All officers are bound to send the information by 12-01-2023 in hard and soft copy (MS-EXCEL FORMAT) through BS-18/ 17 officer preferably a Deputy DEO along with a dealing assistant. The consolidated tentative list is being sent on their official email addresses, hence download the said list and do the needful as desired. Email:

Download the SSTs Seniority List Corrected Upto 31-12-2000

ایس ایس ٹی زنانہ/مردانہ سنیارٹی لسٹ پروموشن کے لئے 31.12.2000 تک درست کر دی گئی ہے۔اگر اس میں کوئی اعتراض ہو تو ضروری ڈاکومنٹس کے ساتھ سات یوم کے اندر ڈائریکٹر ایڈمن ڈی پی آئی (سیکنڈری) کے دفتر میں جمع کروائیں۔

Consolidated Seniority List Of SSTs (BPS-16) (male/female)

Seniority List Of SSTs



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