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Submission Of Deferred / Fresh Promotion Cases Of SSTs

The Directorate Of Public Instructions (DPI) in Punjab has written a letter as a reminder to all the Chief Executive Officers (DEA) and District Education Officers (SE) In Punjab in connection with “Submission Of Deferred / Fresh Promotion Cases Of SSTs From BPS-16 to BPS-17 Upto Male 31-12-1998 and Female 31-12-1995.”

The DPI has already written a letter with reference No. 4577/AD(PC-I), dated 25-10-2023, 25/PA, dated 09-10-2023 and School Education Department vide No. SO(P-II)6-2/2022(F), dated 26-10-2023 & dated 26-09-2023, on the subject cited above.

The Directorate of Public Instructions (SE), Punjab, Lahore is working on a war-footing basis for clearance of Fresh/Deferred/Pending cases from BS-16 to BS-17 up to 31-12-1998 (Male SSTs), 31-12-1995 (Female SSTs) and want to convene the DPC meeting at the earliest. In this regard, you are once again directed to submit complete cases in all aspects along with following C.R Dossiers/documents of all fresh / Deferred / Pending cases for preparation of working papers and onward submission to the Government to convene the DPC meetings.

  1. Full C.R.Dossier.
  2. No Enquiry/No Punishment / No Audit Para Certificates with No. and Date/
  3. Certificate that the concerned SST has not already been promoted as Headmaster/Headmistress / Subject Specialist.
  4. No Study Leave Certificate.
  5. No LPR Certificate
  6. No Long Leave Certificate/Ex-Pakistan Leave Certificate.
  7. No Deputation Certificate.
  8. Result for the last three years and copy of board result of subject concerned
  9. Photocopies of Degrees duly attested by the DEO (SE), concerned.
  10. Appointment order of SST on Regular basis duly attested by the DEO (SE), concerned
  11. Joining report as SST attested by the DEO (SE), concerned
  12. Retirement orders and relieving.
  13. Already promoted order with joining.
  14. Already promoted but not joined / forgoed.

 Promotion Cases Of SSTs

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