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Winter Vacations In Punjab 2024 Updates

The annual winter vacations in Punjab 2024 for all public and private schools commenced on December 18, 2023, and were scheduled to conclude on January 1, 2024 but later on, the vacations were extended till January 9 due to the severe cold. It was immense pressure on the caretaker government by the parents and teachers to extend the vacations due to the prevailing weather conditions.

But now, the School Education Department of Punjab has finally decided to open all public and private schools of the province on January 10, 2024 (Wednesday) after the winter vacation 2024. As per the notification that was issued yesterday (Monday), all public and private schools will reopen on Wednesday. However, the school timing has been changed, and now all schools shall start at 9.30 a.m. until January 22, 2024.

Normal school timing will be observed from January 23, 2024. All the students are strictly bound to wear warm clothes, sweaters, caps, and jackets for their protection from the cold weather. There is no restriction on school uniforms or shoes. Students can wear any clothes and shoes. All the Chief Executive Officers (DEA) are directed to ensure compliance of the directions.

Similarly, the Higher Education Department of Punjab has also issued a notification in connection with the reopening of all educational institutions, i.e. colleges and universities with new timing in Punjab province by January 10, 2024.

موسم سرما کی تعطیلات کے بعدپنجاب بھر کے تمام سرکاری اور پرائیویٹ سکولز، کالجز اور یونیورسٹز مورخہ 10 جنوری 2024 بروز بدھ سے دوبارہ کھل رہے ہیں

دس تا 22 جنوری 2024 تک تمام تعلیمی ادارے صبح 30-9 شروع ہوں گے اور چھٹی کے اوقات کار وہی ہے جو چھٹیوں سے پہلے تھے۔

سکینڈ شفٹ اور آفٹر نون سکولز کے اوقات کار وہی ہوں گے جو چھٹیوںسے پہلے تھے۔

Winter Vacations In Punjab 2024

Winter Vacations In Punjab 2024

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