Time Table For Public Schools After Reopening Schools In Punjab

Time Table For Public Schools:School Education Department Punjab has issued a notification on 12 September, 2020 regarding “Time Table/Schedule For Re-Opening Of Schools In Punjab”.

According to this notification following academic time table for public schools only in Punjab will be observed with effect from 15th September, 2020 unless schedule changed by the competent authorities after re-opening schools.The Private Educational Institutions can manage their own calendar by observing the SOPs

#Class NameDate Of Re-Opening
1Grade 9th To Grade 12th15th September, 2020
2Grade 6th To Grade 8th23rd September 2020
3Grade 1 To Grade 5th30th September 2020

 Academic Activities/Schedule

After re-opening, the Chief Executive Officers (DEAS) shall ensure school’s opening and closing schedule alongwith academic time table in Punjab w.e.f. the dates as mentioned above unless modified otherwise. All the SOPs already conveyed vide letter No.SO(A-1)1-31/2008 dated 13.08.2020 will be followed in letter and spirit. Following directions are needed to be kept in consideration while planning teaching learning activities:

As academic session 2020-21 is reduced to almost half as compared to normal academic calendar, accordingly the whole syllabus is reduced by 40% to be covered in the formative and summative assessments during the session.

The Chief Executive Officers in consultation with District QAEDs, are required to devise grade specific customized framework of action in line with guidelines issued inclusive of reduced syllabi for current academic session.

All Public and Private Schools shall divide the students into two equal groups (class wise) i.e. Group-A & Group-B and concerned monitoring officers shall be updated accordingly about the said division of students. The District Education Officer concerned will keep compiled data for inspection of monitoring committees (constituted earlier regarding Covid-19).

The first group/Group-A shall attend school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as per re-opening schedule given above in a week for academic activities and second group/Group-B shall attend school on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the same week and so on.

The below time table shall be observed for both groups with prescribed study hours during a day.



Time Table For Public Schools

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