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Annual Increment 2022 Chart and PER On Online System

School Education Department Punjab introduced a Human Resource Management System  (HRMS) a few years ago to facilitate the public school teachers and other staff. Every teacher can access their personal details and data. They can apply for all kinds of leave, transfer, promotion and summit the ACR/PER etc through HRMS. This facility is only for public school teachers only. 

Directorate Of Public Instruction (EE) Punjab has issued a very important notification in connection with “Direction and Schedule For Strict Compliance Regarding Initiation and Countersignature Of E-PER On Online System”.

DPI Punjab has instructed to all CEOs in Punjab that In future all kinds of promotions will be made through e-Promotion on HRMIS system on the basis of e-PERs. Non-submission of e-PER through the system (HRMIS) within time will create difficulties in the promotion process.The defaulters of non-submission of e-PER will be responsible for the consequences and deferment of their promotion due to the non-availability of ePER

Performance evaluation reports (PERs) of all teaching cadres are to be initiated and countersigned through online (HRMIS) system. After the introduction and implementation of e-PER (online) no manual PER of the current year will be considered/accepted.

The system is open w.e.f. 01.11.2022 for submission of e-PERs. All concerned teachers/officers under your domain may be directed to submit their e-PERs on HRMIS before 31st December 2022.  The concerned Reporting Officers (R.O) and Countersigning Officers (C.O) shall have to complete their assignments in the capacity of R.O and C.O well before 31.03.2023.

The time period/schedule given as above and also mentioned here under:

  • Date / Period of initiation e-PER Scheduled  online through system: 01.11.2022 to 31.12.2022
  • Schedule date for reporting officer (online) through system and countersigning officer: 01.01.2023 to 31,03/2023.

Annual Increment

All government employees get an annual increment in their salary w.e.f 1st December every year on the basis of their performance. The annual increment rates are different for each basic pay scale. The Government Of Pakistan has revised the pay scale for 2022 after merging all ad-hoc allowances from 2016 to 2021 and the rate of annual increment has been enhanced with the revision of pay scale. The following chart will help you to know well about the annual increment 2022.

# Basic Pay Scale Rate of Annual Increment 2022
1 BPS-1 430/-
2 BPS-2 490/-
3 BPS-3 580/-
4 BPS-4 660/-
5 BPS-5 750/-
6 BPS-6 840/-
7 BPS-7 910/-
8 BPS-8 1,000/-
9 BPS-9 1090/-
10 BPS-10 1190/-
11 BPS-11 1310/-
12 BPS-12 1430/-
13 BPS-13 1560/-
14 BPS-14 1740/-
15 BPS-15 1980/ –
16 BPS-16 2260/-
17 BPS-17 3420/-
18 BPS-18 4260/-
18 BPS-19 4530/-
20 BPS-20 6690/
21 BPS-21 7420/
22 BPS-22 8710/

Annual Increment 2022

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