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etransfer 2020 For Public School Teachers Open Now

etransfer 2020 For Public School Teachers Open Now

As we all knew that SED_Punjab Would lift the ban on etransfer on 10th June 2020. Provincial Minister Of Education Punjab Dr.Murad Raas And School Education Department Punjab also said through their Tweets that ban would be lifted on teachers’transfer in June 2020. Finally  School Education Department Punjab has lifted ban on e-transfer 2020 in following Catagories for public school teachers from today(10th June 2020)

✅ Open Merit
✅ Wedlock
✅ Disability
✅ Divorced
✅ Widow

Note: The First thing you need to do update your #SisApp To Latest Version 5.1.1. If you don’t update your SIS App transfer option will not appear. immediately download/update your SIS App than follow the below procedure

etranfer 2020 etranfer 2020 etranfer 2020










Last date for online application is:16 June 2020. 

Go to the following link

By visiting this website you can see the sanctioned posts of your school and at the same time, you will know how many teachers are required your school and how many surpluses are there, besides this who can be transferred and who is not. You can gain all information on this website.


The enrolment numbers will be based on benchmark enrolment decided by the department.

Computer Science teachers will only be required in schools with computer labs.

In terms of teacher requirements, schools will be divided into three categories (for each subject group):

  1. Category Red: At least one teacher is required
  2. Category Orange: At least one teacher surplus.
  3. Category Green: The number of teachers is exactly as required.


Teachers will always be allowed to transfer out from orange schools (provided that the school maintains the minimum required number of teachers).

 Teachers will never be allowed to transfer into orange or green schools.

Teachers will never be allowed to transfer out from red or green schools.

Teachers will always be allowed to transfer to red schools.

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TimeLine of E-tranfer 2020

The following timelines have been approved by the Competent Authority for 06h round of e Transfer, which are to be observed strictly by all CEOS, DEAs during the exercise of E-transfer 2020

# Activity Start Date End Date Responsibility
1 Sanctioned Of Application By Teachers 10-06-2020 16-06-2020 PITB/School Teachers
2 Preparation of 1st Wait list 17-06-2020 20-06-2020 PITB
3 Verification by CEOs 22-06-2020 25-06-2020 DEAs
4 Preparation of 2nd Wait list 26-06-2020 30-06-2020 PITB
5 Verification by CEOs 01-07-2020 04-07-2020 DEAs
6 Preparation Of Transfer Orders 06-07-2020 08-07-2020 PITB
7 Avability Of Transfer Orders 09-07-2020 09-07-2020 PITB
8 Relieving /Joining Of Teachers 10-07-2020 17-07-2020 School Teachers

The above-timelines may be complied with in true letter & spirit.

To Read The Transfer Rules Go To The Following Link: Download

I have prepared a list of those teachers who want mutual transfer through etransfer 2020.

Fresh List Of Teachers Who Want Mutual Transfer In Punjab: Download List

etranfer 2020

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