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School Based Assessment SBA 2023 Schedule

Punjab Examination Commission Lahore has announced the School Based Assessment SBA 2023 schedule for grades 1 to 8 for the internal exams 2023. As scheduled, PEC will upload the final item bank on February 25, 2023. All the schools will develop papers through Item Bank System IBS until March 08, 2023. All the schools will conduct SBA 2023 from March 10 to March 25, 2023, and the result will be announced on March 31, 2023.

Promoting the students from nursery to eight, it is mandatory to conduct school-based assessment SBA 2023. PEC has approved the following schedule vide its 26 meetings held on January 03, 2023, and shared with the District Education Authorities to conduct SBA 2023.

Sr.# Activity  Schedule
1 Uploading Of Final Atem Bank February 25, 2023
2 Development Of Papers By School Through IBS up to 8th March 2023
3 Conduct Of SBA/Marking and Preparation Of Report Card 10th March to 25th March 2023
4 Result 2023/Sharing of Report Cards to Students March 31, 2023

SOPs for School-Based Assessment SBA 2023

(1) Model papers for guidance of teachers and students are available on the PEC website and can be downloaded from: https:/ papers.

(2)The Head Teacher of the school will issue the date sheet for SBA as per the schedule mentioned above.

(3)Every school will generate papers through login into the Item Bank System (IBS) with a QR code showing complete information about the school with an EMIS code (which can be scanned through any QR Code scanning App).

(4)The DEAs are requested to take necessary measures to ensure that schools have utilized IBS by using their login and conducted assessments as per guidelines issued.

Download Student’s Result Card

How To Generate SBA Paper 2023?

The process of downloading the SBA papers started today(February 25). You can download the SBA papers by following the below procedure.

Step #1: Open this link on your mobile or desktop
Step #2: Enter the Username (write your school EMIS Code)
Step #3: Write password:pec78601
Step #4: After the successful login, the dashboard will appear of your school. On the left hand, you can see a menu bar. Click on “Generate New Paper

Step #5: Click on “Select Paprer Grade”and “Select Paper Subject” i.e English, Urdu, Science, Math, Social Studies and Islamiyat. On the “Selection Column” select from A to J and click on “Start Auto Generation Paper

Step #6: When you click on “Start Auto Generation Paper” paper of selected subject will be generated automatically. Now you can generate all paper of your class one by one.

پنجاب ایگزمینشن کمیشن نے کلاس نرسری سے کلاس ہشتم کے انٹرنل امتحانات کی ڈیٹ شیٹ جاری کر دی

  پچیس فروری 2023 تک آٹیم بینک ویب سائٹ پر اپلوڈ ہو گا تمام سکولز 8 مارچ تک پیپر خود جنریٹ کریں گے۔ 10 مارچ سے 25 مارچ تک ایس بی اے امتحان کلاس نرسری تا ہشتم لیا جائے گا اور 31 مارچ کو رزلٹ کا اعلان کیا جائے گا اور بچوں میں رزلٹ کارڈ بھی تقسیم کیے جائیں گے۔

تمام سکولز پیپرز خود جنریٹ کریں گے پیپرز جنریٹ کرنے کا طریقہ کار سابقہ پوسٹ میں درج ہے جس کا لنک اوپر دیا گیا ہے۔   

School Based Assessment SBA 2023






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