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2nd Year English Guess Papers 2023 For All Punjab Board

English is a well know language all around the world, but our mostly students feel difficulty while speaking, reading, writing and listening. They consider it as a foreign language. That is why they do not pay full attention to their English subject. Getting good marks in an English subject becomes a herculean task for them. 

Inter 1st annual exams 2023 began on 20th May 2023 as per inter date sheet 2023. The ‘English‘ paper is scheduled to be held on 22nd May 2023 (Monday). All the students are preparing their exams with full zeal and spirit. TMS has prepared a short 2nd year English guess papers 2023 for all board students mainly for weak students so that they may get good marks in the final exams.

Title Details
Subject English
Class 2nd Year 
Validity 2nd Year English Guess Paper 2023 is valid for all Punjab Boards.
Paper’s Schedule 22nd May 2023
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2nd Year English Guess Paper 2023 For All Punjab Boards

Lesson 1 (The dying sun)
Q. 1 (How is it that a …….. )
Q. 2 (What happened when …….. )
Q. 3 (Why is there no life …….)
Extra question 1 (What is the planetary system?)
Extra Question 2 (What are stars?)
Extra Question 3 (What are planets and how did they come into existence?)
Extra Question 4 (How did our earth come into existence?)

Lesson 2 (Using the Scientific Method)
Q. 1 (How has the scientific method helped …….)
Q.6. (How has the scientific method helped …….)

Lesson 3 (Why boys fail in college)
Q. 2 ( How does mistaken ambition …. )
Q. 4 ( How does financial pressure ……. )

Extra Questions 1 (What are two types of boy who fail in college?)

Lesson 5 ( On Destroying books)
All exercise questions

Lesson 7 (My financial career)
Q. 2 (Why did the manager come to think ……. )
Q. 4 (What other blunders Leacock commit …… )
Q. 5 (After misadventure in the bank …….. )

Lesson 9 (Hunger and population explosion)
Q. 1 ( What does hunger mean on ….. )
Q. 4 ( What is the main reason for ……. )
Q. 8 (Why Is birth rate not so ……. )

Lesson 11 (First year at Harrow)
Q. 3 (Why did Churchill not do ….. )
Q. 4 (How did Churchill do his …… ) OR How did Churchill perform in his entrance exams at Harrow?
Q. 7 (In after years how did …… )
Extra question 1 (Why did Churchill dislike examinations?)

Lesson 14 (Luis Pasteur)
Q. 2 (Give some instances of ……. )
Q. 3 (What do you mean by ….. )
Q. 4 (How did Pasteur prove that ….. )

Lesson 15 (Mustafa Kamal)
Q. 4 (Write a note on Mustafa Kamal’s ….. )
Q. 1 (What was the attitude of ….. )

Goodbye, Mr. Chips (important Chapters) Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6، 9, 11 and 13

Important Essays

1. Patriotism 
2. My Aim in Life
3. Corruption
4. Why I love Pakistan
5. Importance of Muslim unity
6. Pollution
7. Place of Women is society
8. Life in A Village
9. My first day at college
10. Uses and abuses of mobile phones
11. Energy crisis
12. A cricket match
13. The Holy Quran
14. My Hobby  and Rising Prices (Most Important)

Pair Of Words/Idioms/Phrases

1st 50 Pairs of words are very important. Learn these all 50 pairs of words by heart.

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